Yorkshire Post restaurant reviews are back

After halting reviews during the many lockdowns, I'm now back reviewing restaurants and pubs for the Yorkshire Post. It's now been 10 years since I landed the gig and, as you can imagine, it's been an absolute pleasure and privilege.

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Dean Wilson Film Club 2

So happy were Back to Ours with the first Dean Wilson Film Club in 2020, they asked me and Dean to make a sequel. The imaginatively-named Film Club 2 began in November and will run on the first Thursday of every month for 6 months. Three new films of Dean's poems every month and then a very special surprise for the final month.

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Following the success of the Dean Wilson Film Club, I was commissioned by Back to Ours and Hull's Freedom Festival to produce two new Dean Wilson projects. The Dean Wilson Cinema Shack collected 32 of the films I've made of Dean Wilson's poems in a purpose-built cinema shack and the DeanWorld Premiere Gala was two nights of cabaret-style entertainment featuring my new film DeanWorld and a range of eclectic performers.

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Rembrandt feedback.jpg

My new play - Rembrandt In Hull, supported by the Arts Council and Hull City Council - was performed as its first book-in-hand iteration in late May and received a rapturous reception.

I'm now looking to work on some re-writes ahead of taking it on tour in 2022.

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I've been making films of the poems of Dean Wilson for a couple of years now. There are links to some of them in the video vault.


During the first lockdown, Arts Council Creative People And Places project Back to Ours asked us to create something to reach, engage and entertain their online audience. 


The Dean Wilson Film Club spanned 6 months and was a huge hit; consisting of 18 films, a goodie bag and 2 much sought-after badges.

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Rembrandt web poster.jpg

Following the the success of my first play - The Orchidian - in 2019, I am being supported by the Arts Council and Hull City Council to write and stage my second play, Rembrandt In Hull.


Based on the completely unproven rumour that Rembrandt spent 1661 in Hull, the play is a comedy that explores what might have happened (but probably didn't) during that year.

The performances in May are the first iteration and we're currently looking for a home for an enhanced run.

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Trilby image 01.jpg

I've been responsible for the TV coverage of amateur golf tournament the Trilby Tour since 2013. I produce, direct, write and edit the show and, under my supervision, the show has quadrupled its viewership. 

The pandemic has forced the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 runs but we hope to return in 2022, when the series will re-brand as The BritAm.

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James Mac.jpg

In non-pandemic times, I write restaurant and pub reviews for the Yorkshire Post. Obviously, they've been impossible lately, so I've been filing chef profiles to try and give the catering industry  whatever positive coverage we can to help them until they re-open.


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